Sample Site Seal

When you install the appropriate code on your Web site, QuoVadis dynamically displays a Secured Site Seal. When your users click the seal, they see a security report provided by QuoVadis with information about your SSL certificate.

QuoVadis provides the seal in three sizes to best fit your Web needs. The QuoVadis Secured Site Seal should only be displayed on Web pages with the same Common Name identified in the SSL certificate.

Once installed, you do not need to update the seal code when your SSL certificates are renewed in future years.

Important Note:

PKI Widgets is a service based in the United States and Bermuda. This page is located in Bermuda. PKI Widgets does not require the input of any personal data and we recommend that you do not provide any when using these tools. QuoVadis confirms that any data you enter will not be retained on our databases beyond the operational requirements of the tool used. QuoVadis does not guarantee the availability or accuracy of these tools.