Secured Site Seal FAQ

Why display the QuoVadis Secured Site Seal?
QuoVadis provides the QuoVadis Secured Site Seal for our SSL subscribers to display on their website at no additional cost. The seal enables users to verify ownership of the website in real time and highlights the use of SSL security to enhance privacy.

How do I install the QuoVadis Secured Site Seal on my Web site?
After your QuoVadis SSL certificate has been issued, your Web developer or Web site administrator must generate the seal script on the QuoVadis website and add it to the appropriate pages. The person who installs the seal will need to know the common name in the SSL certificate and be able to update the HTML of the pages where the seal will be added.

When a user clicks on the seal, it links to a dynamic security report from QuoVadis containing information about your SSL certificate.

QuoVadis recommends using the seal on pages where users may look for proof of security or authenticity. Possible locations include:

  • Your home page
  • On log-in, shopping cart, or checkout pages
  • Next to checkout or submit buttons

Do I need to reinstall the seal after renewing my QuoVadis SSL certificate?
No. You only need to install the QuoVadis Secured Site Seal once. Upon renewal, the validity period will be automatically updated on the seal’s pop-up security report.

Can I customise the QuoVadis seal?
Do not customise or modify the QuoVadis Secured Site Seal. Any change violates the terms and conditions of the QuoVadis Secured Site Seal agreement.

How to report a problem with a QuoVadis seal?
If you discover a QuoVadis SSL or QuoVadis Secured Site Seal that is being used incorrectly, please report it to QuoVadis. Possible issues of concern include:

  • Missing security report when the seal is clicked
  • Mismatched information on the security report
  • Possible use for phishing or illegal activities

Why is my seal not displaying properly?
Please contact the QuoVadis Support team.

Important Note:

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